Ultra Pro - MTG - Harmonic Sliver

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    We may never know just how many Slivers, and which ones, were brought over when Rath was created, and which were "designed" by Volrath. But we do know that Slivers share a hive mind, as if all Slivers use a communal brain.

    While they are not telepathic, they can "read" other Slivers with complete accuracy. Each individual is born with certain qualities or powers, and when another Sliver "reads" this Sliver, it can share those powers.

    Figurines From the Vault capture the most adorable side of your favorite creatures. The collection features some of the most iconic creatures you will encounter on the battlefield. Summon your very own Sliver and bring them to your next Friday Night Magic duel.


    • Officially licensed Silver figurine for Magic: The Gathering - Based on the Metallic Sliver card

    • An adorable take on the most fearsome creatures in all the realms

    • Stylized vinyl figure stands 3.75" tall.

    • Features a matte finish and an intense mental bond

    - $20.99

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