Five Nights at Freddy's - Series 1 - Booster Packs

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    3 random CYBERCEL Anime Cards packs per pack

    20 packs per box

    6 boxes per case

    Officially Licensed Anime Art Cards that are both a booklet card and trading card. The booklet can even stay open to let the light shine through the art!

    Each set is made up of:
     12 Common CYBERCEL Cards of top Anime Characters
     9 Foil CYBERCEL Cards that are more rare
     4 Super Rare Foil CYBERCEL on average one per box
     2 Hyper Rare Prismatic Foil CYBERCEL cards on average one per case
     Each Box also has 1 of 4 XL CYBERCEL Numbered Cards! For display!

    - $8.99

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