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    Number of Players: 4-8

    Playing Time: 20 Minutes

    Recommended Ages: 8+


    Welcome to Animal Inc.! Join us and make your career dream come true. Get the position you deserve, based on your performance. Beware of your superiors who reap all your nice benefits. Will you become our new CEO?

    Animal Poker is played over multiple reorganizing sessions. In each session, several rounds are played until only 1 player has cards left. There are no tricks in the game. It is all about getting rid of your cards and grabbing a great job.

    • Very fast and easy to access game, which opens up to everybody
    • Can easily compete with other classic titles of the same character (Great Dalmuti etc.)
    • Charming and extremely funny animal artwork by brilliant UK artist Kel Alexander
    • Eyecatching and colorful quality cards
    • The international adaption of a card classic (Karriere Poker) with over 80.000 sold copies in Germany. The game concept has its origin in Chinese traditional game Zheng Shangyou


    • 115 Deluxe cards
    • 1 Rulebook

    - $23.99

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