Model Kit - Bandai - MS-06S Zaku Char's

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    This is a posable, high-grade or better injection-plastic kit of an item from the Gundam universe.

    Bandai's HG kit of Char Azanable's famous Zaku II in his iconic Red Comet colors includes a new set of emblems for its shoulder armor and shoulder shield! A new emblem for its shoulder armor is also included, identifying it as affiliated with the Falmer Corps. It's armed with its 120mm machine gun and plenty of other weapons, too!  Parts are molded in color, includes stickers for markings. Get yours today!


    • Machine gun
    • Belt-feeding machine gun
    • Bazooka type A2
    • 2 spare magazines for the bazooka
    • Anti-ship Rifle
    • Heat hawk (active mode)
    • Heat hawk (storage mode)
    • Weapon hand (right)
    • Fists (left & right)
    • Foil sticker
    • Marking sticker


    - $40.99

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