Winsor & Newton Cotman Series 666 (One Stroke)

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    High quality synthetic watercolour brush

    Cotman Brush Series 666

    Flat wash brush for edges, shapes or applying washes.

    A range of high quality, synthetic watercolour brushes. Cotman watercolour Brushes are very popular, due to their blend of differing thickness fibres. The thicker fibres give strength and spring whilst the thinner fibres improve colour carrying capacity. Together they retain a perfect point, time after time. The handles are designed to provide balance and comfort when painting. The ferrules are made from high quality nickel-plated brass which helps to prevent corrosion, clogging of hair and enables easy cleaning. The range features a wide selection of head shapes and sizes to suit all watercolour techniques.

    1/8 Inch - $14.99
    1/4 Inch - $18.49
    3/4 Inch - $39.49
    3/8 Inch - $20.99
    1/2 Inch - $27.49
    1 Inch - $49.49

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